Back To School Noses

School is back in session. It’s time for a new year of school, new friends, new classrooms, new teachers, and new germs. No one is safe. Kids spread these germs to their siblings and their parents. Parents give it to their coworkers who in turn pass it on to their families and the baristas at your friendly neighborhood coffee shop. Everyone is getting sick.

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APTA, It's time to talk...

When I started writing this blog I was caught in the middle of this decision of whether or not to give up my APTA membership, but then the APTA put a nail in their coffin a couple of days later. I’m done. I’ve had enough. I simply can’t support the APTA at this time. I used to think it was a badge of honor to be a member of such an organization. Then as I got further into my career I was able to gain more wisdom on some of the issues that faced not only my career, but the field of physical therapy. With gaining new perspective, I found that my values do not line up with my field’s association. So it’s time to walk away. Let me explain.

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Shaun PalmerComment
First Impressions

Every year during the fall, 4th year medical students around the country flock to residency programs to try and solidify a spot for what will likely be the final chapter of their training.

Often these applicants fly in the night before, stay in a hotel nearby, and then put their best foot forward to try and impress the pants off the interviewing committee. The ones who do well get ranked highly for a spot. Those who don’t do well, wasted a lot of time and money, and are no closer to solidifying their future.

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Cryotherapy: Beyond Arctic Temps

When you live in a place where the normal summer temperatures are over 110 degrees you find any and every possible way to stay cool.  This tactic may border on extreme though.  Whole Body Cryotherapy is one of the emerging trends in health and wellness.  In 1979 a Japanese rheumatologist started introducing sub zero temperatures to patients' painful joints before manipulating them.  This greatly reduced the pain for the patient.  A few years later it spread through Europe and whole body cryotherapy chambers were created.  US athletes regularly traveled to their favorite European destinations to use these chambers for post-season recovery.  Now these chambers are available here in the US and gradually becoming more prevalent. 

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