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What do you know about the SI Joint?

I’m a paid, teaching PT consultant for a company called SI-Bone. My role as a consultant is to educate other healthcare providers on the proper diagnosis, conservative treatment, and post-op care of the SI joint. I talk to groups of orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, NP’s, PA’s, Chiropractors, and PT’s. One version of the information I teach is a full CEU course for Physical Therapists. I start the course by asking who thinks they have a good working knowledge of diagnosing the SI joint. I have yet to see a hand go up. Not to pick on PT’s. This is just the group that I talk to the most. Before working with this company in my role, I would not have put my hand up either. Sure we know what the SI joint is, but being able to get to the point where we are confident in isolating it can be tricky. The special tests that are most commonly known are not very accurate, which leaves most providers without confidence that they are completely correct in their diagnosis. Complete and accurate diagnosis of the SI Joint requires 4 components: a relevant history, specific positive special tests, lumbar and hip examinations that rule out other pathology, and a positive response to an intra-articular injection. Let’s get into specifics.

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