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The Doc Doc Goose Podcast aims to educate and entertain both healthcare providers and consumers alike.  We see a tremendous need for education caused by fractured medical care.  Providers are torn in so many different directions and buried under so much paperwork that it's easy to forget our primary job - to educate and treat the patient in front of us.  Good medical care is not accomplished if the patient does not understand, to the best of their ability, their condition and treatment options. For the provider, this means that we first have to translate our medical terminology into language that can be understood.  Dr. Ihms and Dr. Palmer have always treated with education being the foundation of their care.  This podcast is their attempt to educate the world. 

Ben Ihms, DO is a Primary Care Physician at Desert Grove Family Medical in Mesa, AZ. 

Shaun Palmer, PT, DPT, ATC is the Director of Physical Therapy at Innovative Pain and Wellness in Scottsdale, AZ and a PT Consultant for SI Bone, Inc.  

*The views expressed on the website and the podcast are not shared by our employers.



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