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Our Mission:

Health literacy is at an astonishingly low level.  Only 12% of the population understands what their healthcare provider tries to tell them.  Some of this is due to general literacy issues, but a lot of the problem is based on how the healthcare providers present the information.  Many don’t understand how to analyze their patients’ understanding and be able to communicate with them on the same level. Ben Ihms, DO and Shaun Palmer, PT, DPT, ATC pride themselves on the level of education they provide their patients and the time they take with them to truly understand their concerns and confusion.  The Doc Doc Goose Podcast was born out of their desire to help and educate people. This is accomplished on two levels. First, is to educate the general population in a way that is engaging and entertaining. Most people don’t go to medical school and they don’t want to listen to a podcast that sounds like a medical school lecture.  The other level of education provided is aimed at the medical professionals - to provide a light-hearted platform that they can relate to and laugh with, as well as listen to different ways of presenting information to their patients. The podcast aims to change the way that both providers and consumers think and relate to healthcare topics.

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