Episode 11 - Impossible Burgers, Naked Mole Rats, and Airpod Snacks

This is another installment of our health article series.

Our goose presented an article about the health benefits of the Impossible Burger. You can read the article here.

Dr. Ihms wanted to talk about an article he read about his favorite animal - the Naked Mole Rat. Apparently is has a super power that allows it to block out pain. Animals like this are being studied to figure out if we can allow humans to have these traits to combat pain and help in the fight against opioids. You can read his article here.

Dr. Palmer brought an article from Vice that talked about a young physician that can actually feel his patients’ pain through a diagnosis called Mirror Touch Synesthesia. This aids in his ability to have empathy for his patients, which is one of the most important traits of a healthcare provider. You can read his article here.

We have new and exciting partnerships to share that will be announced soon, as well as some giveaways.

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Episode 6 - Lifestyle Changes, Sarah Brooks, and Pineapple Pictures

On this episode we discuss the importance of making the jump from dieting to making a lifestyle change. To help in that endeavor we have amazing resources at our fingertips with social media and the internet in general. Online health coaches are easily accessible and ready to help you achieve your goals. We interviewed our favorite health coach, Sarah Brooks, and talk about her journey into being an online health coach.

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Episode 5 - Diets, Goldfish, and FART scores

On this episode we talk about our diet experience. We have an in-depth discussion about the Mediterranean Diet, Whole 30 Diet, and Intermittent Fasting. We also discuss 2 health articles. One article tracks the time it takes for a lego head to pass through the human body - a question we’ve all pondered the answer to. The other article talks about how we may not be helping our children by excessively cleaning everything that they come in contact with.

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Episode 4 - Office Etiquette, Moldy Bread, and Ashes in Disneyland

On this episode, we give advice on how to be a good patient. Sometimes people just don’t understand the proper etiquette that is expected of them in a doctor’s office, starting their appointment off on the wrong foot before they even know what happened. So we gave easy steps to follow to avoid this. We discuss the health articles of the week, which deal with the question of if it’s safe to deal with moldy bread, and we reveal one of Disney’s biggest secrets. We also give a preview of our next episode, where we talk about our diets from episode 3.

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Episode 3 - Titles, Cockroaches, and Diet Selection

On Episode 3 we talk about the definitions of “Doctor” and “Physician” and discuss proper and improper usage of the two. We tell you if La Croix is safe to drink, and if fear is healthy or not. We also introduce our diet challenge and select our winning diets.

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