Episode 7 - Semen Injections, Prickly Catfish, and Hedgehog Kisses

On this episode we discuss several health articles that we found fascinating over the last few weeks. We critique a man’s inventive cure for low back pain, warn against swallowing live animals, and pass along a CDC warning.

Health Articles

Dr. Ihm’s Articles:

1) Eating Breakfast May Not Be That Helpful for Weight Loss After All

2) A Man Injected Himself With His Own Semen to 'Cure Back Pain'

Dr. Palmer’s Articles:

1) Man drunkenly swallows prickly catfish after being inspired by TV show 'Jackass', case report says

2) Don’t Kiss Your Pet Hedgehogs, C.D.C. Warns

The Goose’s Article:

How perfectionism affects your (mental) health


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